Welcome to CrissCross Connections

Welcome to CrissCross Connections, a comfy place for women, moms, and grandmas.  Here you’ll find reflections on life, favorite quotes, devotional thoughts, ideas for moms and grandmas, yummy recipes, and titles of some of the books I like.

What’s behind the title?  CrissCross means to move back and forth.  It’s also a form of the Middle English Cristcrosse, a mark of the cross.  In my life, I have many things to be thankful for, the greatest being Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for me.  He personally carried my sins in his body on the cross so that I can be dead to sin and live for what is right.  By his wounds, I am healed.  (I Peter 2:24)  And Connections? It’s a way of linking, associating, or communicating with one another, as between two points in a telephone or wiring system – hence, the London phone booths, which I am especially fond of.

All that etymology and word meaning boils down to this thought: In this blog, I’m hoping to connect with others about the hopeful and meaningful life we can have as women, moms, and grandmas because of the cross.

Warm Blessings,




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2 responses to “Welcome to CrissCross Connections

  1. James Elwell

    The applesauce recipe is fantastic! (I have been the beneficiary of it many times as you are my wife. 🙂 )

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