Psalm 37 – God can be trusted

Reading the One-Year Bible is what gets me out of bed – early – each morning.  Before I found the Bible to be my lifeline, I sometimes read it out of obligation.  Now, though, I read it with anticipation.  And what is it that I’m looking for?  Truth, help, perspective, guidance, counsel, correction, encouragement, hope . . . and the list goes on.  I’m never disappointed.

Today’s reading includes Psalm 37, which happens to be one of my Dad’s favorite Psalms.    When I was in high school, he read it to me one time.  I’d been having one of those ‘why does it seem like everybody else is popular and I’m not – life isn’t fair‘ days.  What’s special to me now is the memory of what he shared, since I don’t think I understood much about his life back then.  After my Dad read Psalm 37 to me, he said something like, “There are times in all our lives when things don’t seem fair and we’re not happy with the way things are – whether it’s in a job, at school, or with friends.  But God asks us to trust Him, commit ourselves to Him, and wait patiently for Him to act.  He asks us to delight in Him, and assures us that He has our best in mind.”

What I now know – because I’m in my fifties and not a teenager – is that my Dad’s job situation at that point in his life wasn’t as exciting as he would have liked.  Although he was not aware of it then, there was a bigger and better job coming several years later.  A large international insurance company recruited him to be their US Vice President – a position he enjoyed for about 20 years until he retired.  With the responsibility of that job came financial rewards larger than he would have imagined – something he and my mom have handled faithfully over the years.  They have been generous to God’s work, as well as to family and friends.

So this morning, when I read Psalm 37, I remembered and was warmed by that time in our living room on Gregory Street that my Dad encouraged me to trust God.  With the benefit of hindsight, I see – once again – that God can be trusted.


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