I need a Catch-up Day

While I was sorting through a pile of paper on my kitchen counter this week, I came across a stack of thank-you notes that still need to be written.

Uh-oh . . .   They’ve been there since Christmas.

 Christmas was two months ago yesterday.

When my kids were growing up, I used to explain that it was important to write their Christmas or Birthday thank-yous before using whatever it was that they received as a gift.  Well, if I had followed those guidelines, I wouldn’t have worn that blue-striped blouse yet.  And I wouldn’t have used that Maggiano’s gift card for a dinner that my husband and I already enjoyed.  

I have some work to do here.

According to Vicki Norris who wrote Restoring Order – a book that I obviously need to re-read – backlog is “anything you haven’t done that is cluttering your environment or your to-do list . . . Part of digging out is committing to processing your tasks and belongings on a consistent basis.  Until I have a catch-up day, my backlog of tasks picks up volume and speed!”

It’s reassuring to learn that even a professional organizer like Vicki Norris needs an occasional catch-up day.

I declare tomorrow to be my Catch-up day.  Consequently, those thank-you notes should be arriving in the mail early next week.





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