And the winners are . . .

Throughout this past week I featured the One-Year Bible for Women, which is a huge favorite of mine.  {FYI, The text of the One Year Bible for Women is the same as other One Year Bibles. It’s the package, the color of the ink, the design, and some of the quotes included that appeal to women folk.}  I mentioned that I would give a copy to two of the people who left comments on this blog.

The winners were chosen this morning through a highly scientific process.  I asked my husband if he would please choose two numbers between 1 and 17. Being a man who likes to make simple decisions quickly, he immediately offered “3 and 10.”  I retrieved the running list of (17) names I had compiled – in the order I received them – and the third and tenth names on the list are Kristina and Michael.

For those of you who are surprised that a man would enter a drawing for a One Year Bible for Women, Michael mentioned in his comment that he’d love to give a copy to his wife.  A thoughtful husband, indeed.  Michael, I hope your wife likes The One Year Bible as much as I do!  Kristina and Michael, I’ll email you for your mailing addresses and put your bubble mail packets in the mail.  (It’s interesting that three of the women who entered this drawing have names that begin with Kris – Kristina, Kristinia, and Kristine.  Popular name.)

Thanks to all who entered.  Please visit again, as I’m planning more give-aways . . .

Here’s an excerpt from today’s reading in The One Year Bible for Women:

Luke 10:25-37 (NLT)

One day an expert in religious law stood up to test Jesus by asking him this question: “Teacher, what should I do to inherit eternal life?”

Jesus replied, “What does the law of Moses say?  How do you read it?”

The man answered, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’  And ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

“Right!” Jesus told him.  “Do this and you will live!”

The man wanted to justify his actions, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

Jesus replied with a story.  “A Jewish man was traveling from Jerusalem down to Jericho, and he was attacked by bandits.  They stripped him of his clothes, beat him up, and left him half dead beside the road.

By chance a priest came along.  But when he saw the man lying there, he crossed to the other side of the road and passed him by.  A Temple assistant walked over and looked at him lying there, but he also passed by on the other side.

Then a despised Samaritan came along, and when he saw the man, he felt compassion for him.  Going over to him, the Samaritan soothed his wounds with olive oil and wine and bandaged them.  Then he put the man on his own donkey and took him to an inn, where he took care of him.  The next day he handed the innkeeper two silver coins, telling him, ‘Take care of this man.  If his bill runs higher than this, I’ll pay you the next time I’m here.’

“Now which of these three would you say was a neighbor to the man who was attacked by bandits?” Jesus asked.

The man replied, “The one who showed him mercy.”

Then Jesus said, “Yes, now go and do the same.”

Most mornings, after my husband and I have read from our One Year Bibles individually, we talk about things from the passages that jumped out at us.  If you were in on our conversation about today’s reading, are there any thoughts that you would share?

Grateful that He is risen!



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