The Winner of the Give-Away . . .

A Drum Roll, please  . . .

The winner of a copy of One Year Devotions for Moms is CINDIE THOMAS

Congratulations, Cindie!

Cindie wrote a sweet tribute to a woman who was like a mother to her, and I decided to make it the post for today on this blog.

She wrote, “A friend of my mother’s took me in when my parents divorced.  I was 13 and scared of what the future would hold, and I needed someone in my life who could show that they loved me.  Mary was battling breast cancer at the time, but gave me not only a home but the belief that Jesus loved me and heard the cries of my heart.  I watched her struggle with cancer, and her faith in God never wavered.  She mothered me and taught me by example to have faith in God and trust Him for all of my needs.”

I will send off Cindie’s copy of One Year Devotions for Moms today.

The rest of this week, I will continue my posts on my recent trip to Africa!




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