Gone to Ghana

I made a few young friends in Ghana while Jim and I were working at Marketsquare Africa . . . Ethel, Christiana, and Freda – pictured above with their parents, Linda and Francis.  They are bright young girls, and their parents are doing a fine job of raising them.

We traveled to Ghana to represent Tyndale House at Marketsquare Africa – a publishing conference sponsored by Christian Trade International.

I usually assist Jim, but when he has separate  meetings, I’m happy to hold down the fort . . .

At Ghana’s Marketsquare Banquet, we heard and met Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, Presiding Methodist Bishop of Ghana.  If you have time, you can read his thoughtful address about Christian publishing in Africa here: Emmanuel Asante, Marketsquare Ghana

In April, we traveled to Africa with other Christian publishers from around the world.   This particular evening, the electricity went out about eight times during dinner – it brought new meaning to the concept of eating by candlelight . . .

Jude Hama – President of Scripture Union in Ghana – graciously took Jim and me out for ice-cream one night.  He drove us to the Ghanaian Village, right on the western coastline of Africa.  Jude told us that former President George Bush stayed at this seafront resort when he visited Ghana.

Being the ocean lover that I am, I had to take a photo of the beach, even though it was late at night.  The photo isn’t the greatest (that’s an understatement), but if you look closely you can see sand and some ripples of water beyond the sand.  It was the best I could do.  Hey, when you’re traveling on business, sightseeing happens when you have time!

Jude drove us past the Freedom Arch – built after Ghana declared their independence in 1957.  Ghana is a peace-loving nation, and the people there are gentle folk.

I took this photo when we were flying out of Ghana, on our way to Lagos, Nigeria.  At the bottom left is the piece of coastline we had visited and photographed (in the dark!) the night before.  The photo reminded me of Psalm 104:9 – “Then you set a firm boundary for the seas, so they would never again cover the earth.”

Photos and stories of Nigeria and Kenya are coming soon . . .





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4 responses to “Gone to Ghana

  1. Beautiful photos, Ellen! I love reading about your trip.

  2. Nancy Ector

    Hi Ellen, thanks for sharing this with us. We are so blessed to see God’s word provided through your music. There is no more joyful way to learn than through the music that lifts our souls to worship our almighty Lord and Saviour.
    We are also thrilled with the work of Rafiki Foundation in Africa and wonder if they have access to your works. They have built villages for the widows and orphans where they provide a classical education and Bible study as well as teaching the ladies a trade. The mission is to glorify God through education that will assist them in becoming leaders for their own country.
    Living in God’s mercy, kris and nancy

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