Toddler’s Songbook/CD: Give-Away

If you’d like to enter a drawing for a free copy of The Toddler’s Songbook, please keep reading . . . .

Leave a comment on this blog between now and midnight, Friday June 25, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a copy of The Toddler’s Songbook. It’s a fun CD/book for young children to listen to/read in the car (great for car trips), at home, in the morning, or at bedtime.

On Saturday, June 26, I’ll randomly select one person who has left a comment, announce who won over the weekend, and send a copy to the winner next week.

Want to listen to a couple of the songs? Click on the links below.

Old MacDonald:

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands:

Want to see a couple samples of narrative from the book?

Old MacDonald

God made the animals.  Do you know their sounds?

God made the chicks.  Cluck-cluck, chicks!

God made the ducks.  Quack-quack, ducks!

God made the pigs.  Oink-oink, pigs!

God made the cows.  Moo-moo, cows!

God made the animals.  Can you say their sounds?

He’s Got the Whole Word in His Hands

God takes care of the whole wide world.

He takes care of the monkeys in the tree.

He takes care of the wind and the rain.

God takes care of you and me!

Want to see what the artwork is like? Find the cover photo for The Toddler’s Songbook on the right hand column of this blog (a little further down on the right) and click on it.  You’ll get a flavor of the delightful artwork, done by Caron Turk.

Other songs (with narrative) included in the book are Rise and Shine, Praise Him Praise Him, Jesus Loves Me, If You’re Happy, Mozart’s Lullaby, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, God is so Good, Who Did? Zacchaeus, Mary Had a Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oh Be Careful, Little David Play on Your Harp, Oh How Lovely Is the Evening, and All Through the Night.

I had fun selecting the songs and producing the product, and Crossway did a great job of publishing the CD’s/books.  Most of the songs are sung by children, a few are sung by adults, and listeners get to enjoy a wide variety of musical instruments throughout the CD.

I hope you enjoy the samples . . .



Taken from The Toddler’s Songbook, by Ellen Banks Elwell (illustrations by Caron Turk), copyright 2009.  Used by permission of Crossway Books, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers, Wheaton, IL 60187,



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20 responses to “Toddler’s Songbook/CD: Give-Away

  1. Lilla Toelcke

    I’m enjoying your blog, Ellen. And I’m sure my older granddaughter, Clara, would enjoy your Toddler’s Songbook. She’s quite musical and has been able to sing the tunes of many little songs since she was about twenty months old. She’s now two-and-a-half and her favorite musical word is “crescendo.” She enjoys playing crescendos on the “high notes” and “low notes” of her mommy’s piano during her daily “piano lesson”.

  2. Clara sounds like a bright little girl. Using the word “crescendo” at two-and-a-half is impressive . . . Maybe we’ll hear her at Carnegie Hall in twenty or so years!

  3. We would love this! Pretty soon our 5 month old James will be a toddler and what a great resource this will be!

  4. Louis

    My kids love music, and I cant wait to hear them singing praises to God

  5. Joshua

    The Toddler’s Songbook, looks and sounds like something ghat my kids will just love

  6. Tara

    My kids love to sing. I’m sure this cd would be a must in their rotation. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  7. Caton Boatwright

    I know my son would love this!

  8. lee brown

    Father of two and adopting a third from Korea. Always looking for good songs to teach about Jesus.

  9. Brenda Lester

    My granddaughter Tyler would love this. She is 3 and loves Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carolyn

    Ooooh — I’d love to win! I sure have some kids who LOVE music and would enjoy this!

  11. Our quads just LOVE to sing! Jesus loves me is one of their favorites second to Old McDonald! They would absolutely LOVE this CD!

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