5 responses to “Contact

  1. Kay

    Ellen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment and will have to pass it on to my son who will think it’s very neat that your friend took his guests there. I look forward to reading more of your blog. You seem to be a wonderful lady and a very accomplished author. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Nancy Ector

    Hi Ellen, thanks for including me. I will look forward to future postings. I really enjoyed reading through this.
    My mom moved on from our presence to the heavenly dwelling place with our Lord when I was only in my mid twenties. She was born in Scotland and came to America at age five.
    My best memory of Mom was of the time she sat me on her lap at a very young age. I thought I was in great trouble. I must have lied about something but I don’t remember what. Even though I was on her lap, she had placed the Bible between us, so I was very small. She told me about Jesus and how he willingly paid the penalty for my sin, like the lie I told. How he had been crucified, hanging on a wooden cross with very large nails in his hands and feet. I was listening intently and was very sad. She said that when we sin, it means we are guilty and it hurts him, and it is like we pound the nails into his hands. It was our sin that put him on the cross. That when we are sorry, we don’t want to sin anymore. Then we can ask forgiveness for the sins we have done. I still study out of that old Bible. It’s my favorite. I believe this is my earliest memory. I thank God for her. For me, it was powerful. I cried and repented then and many times since. The message was clear for me, even as a very little girl, and it is still clear as a senior adult. Our almighty, living God is merciful.

    • Hi, Nancy – Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you liked it. I wasn’t aware that your mom was born in Scotland. Jim and I visit Tyndale clients in Edinburgh from time to time and we love it there.

      What a sweet story you shared about your mom. It doesn’t get any better than to have a parent leave us with the gospel. I’ve been reading the crucifixion account in my One-Year Bible the last few days and have been reminded again of the huge sacrifice Christ made for us.

      Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory of your mother. PS – you sure have some wonderful children and grandchildren!

  3. Hi Ellen! As for the pringles canisters, I just wash them out quickly and dry them well. No soaking, though, because under the foil they are cardboard!

    I’m always careful to size the cookies to just a bit smaller than the diameter of the canister, so that they slip in easily, but stack nicely and don’t smoosh over inside.

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